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Promoting the GEOLAND Project

During the first six months of its implementations, the GEOLAND project was presented and discussed in a number of relevant conferences and events.

In an effort to raise awareness of participants from various business and scientificgeoland dissemination picture disciplines, Atlantis Engineering SA promoted the GEOLAND project in Technology Forum.
This annual event takes place in Thessaloniki (Greece) in order to share knowledge and build collaborations between Industries, Research Centres and Academia

The main topic of the event was the development of innovative products and services, such as ICT applications in education, to be achieved through the combination of knowledge and new technological tools.
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In September 2021, the GEOLAND project was presented at TIF Helexpo 85th Thessaloniki International Fair, the greatest exhibition event in Greece.

Institute for Mediterranean Studies – FORTH and Dr. Dimitris Alexakis had the chance to present the aims and the goals of the project to numerous visitors of the exhibition from Greece and abroad.
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In March, the new project was introduced at the Annual Conference and meeting of the European Association of Geographers. The event was held online due to pandemic situation . EUROGEO 2021 had the theme “Sustainable Development Goals for all”.  More than 100 presentations were given by participants from 47 countries.
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In June 2021, the GEOLAND project partner Atlantis Engineering SA took part in the EU Science & Innovation days event where the project was mentioned as part of an interesting interaction with policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens . Collaboration, Research and Innovation were at the forefront in order to explore ways to recover from the pandemic.
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