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Earth Day 2023

earth day statistics imageEarth Day is an annual celebration which has been taking place since 1970. It started as an attempt towards making people more environmentally aware and active.

Over the last years it is more relevant than ever and it has been taking in more and more significance since the climate crisis is rapidly evolving. It is celebrated on 22nd April every year in more than 193 countries worldwide.

Earth Day aims to raise awareness about protecting our planet, conserving the environment and its natural resources.

The theme for Earth Day 2023 was “Invest in Our Planet” (watch the theme video) and there are various ways to participate in the celebrations whether you are kids, students, teachers, parents or you just want to make the difference.

After all, the decisions we make as individuals, as trivial as they may seem, can play a crucial role in the effect they have on the planet. You can find out about all the events that have been taking place around the world from this map.

Moreover, visit the website and find out everything you want to know; the history of Earth Day, how to become a member, how to get involved in activities, view and use the available toolkits and many more!