Student gallery highlights landscape monitoring results

salt pan photoThe GEOLAND Project has created an online gallery of students’ work on landscape monitoring in NATURA 2000 sites.

This virtual gallery acts  as an educational tool for promoting the training of higher education students in applying the European Landscape Convention and learning about managing effectively the European Landscape.

The gallery also acts as a dissemination tool to showcase efforts in geo-sciences, with the specific objective on forming students competent in decision-making for landscape management, planning and protection of NATURA 2000 sites.satellite image

The outcomes of the students’ work in using GIS in environmental education showcases examples of  relevant studies at partner universities.

The core idea of GEOLAND is to develop experience and expertise in landscape monitoring to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by Cloud-based GIS technology to explore, monitor and evaluate physical, social and cultural landscape attributes..

Undertaking field surveys has been developed using the methodology established and published in GEOLAND Handbook and Technical Annex.

Students gather information, leading to a better understanding of the processes in the area under study. These results allow them to engage in policy aspects adding value to the strategic planning taking place.

In completing these activities, the students learn how to undertake scientific research activities, present their findings, self-evaluate, self-act and self-decide.

Visit the online gallery of student Storymaps