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European Policy Outreach

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GEOLAND provides materials and resources to Higher Education students to study how European Landscape Convention (ELC) is implemented and adopted in different EU countries.

The European Landscape Convention seeks to encourage citizens and public authorities to implement policies and measures at local, regional, national and international level.

The purpose is to  protect, manage and plan landscapes throughout Europe.

In the framework of the GEOLAND Project, Policy Outreach is an output that provides a European perspective of this implementation and an indication of the activities undertaken in different partner countries and at different scales . Visit Policy Outreachlandscape map

European implementation of the European Landscape Convention has been coordinated and monitored by the Council of Europe.

Find out more about how  European landscape policies have been established and are monitored.

In different countries across Europe the implementation of Landscape Convention policies has varied greatly. Find out more more about national implementation

A series of Case Studies have been created as illustrations of the impact of the European Landscape Convention. Visit the case studies

In this frame, a Policy Outreach Briefing has been developed to assist students in understanding the policy bodies and offer guidelines for interaction. Go to the Policy Outreach Briefing.