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Landscape highlighted in Bulgarian event

ruse imageA recent project event, part of a series of successful seminars, was held on Wednesday October 13, 2023 in Ruse, Bulgaria by GEOLAND partners from Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The GEOLAND project was celebrated with e dedicated seminar about “The role of technology in the protection of the Bulgarian landscape, in line with the mission of the project. Educators, teachers, students and citizens had the opportunity to learn more about how it is possible to implement GIS technology in education, services, conservation of our nature and cultural heritage and influence policy developments.

Ruse workshop imageMr. Ayri Memishev, coordinator of the GEOLAND project for on behalf of RCCI, kicked-off the event by presenting the project and the products developed so far. The participants were informed about the specialised handbook for the protection of the landscape and objects of Natura 2000, through GIS technologies and the available e-platform for collecting geographic (and not only) data for the exploitation of various spatial objects.

Distinguished guest speakers also joined the event to talk facilitate the discussion on how technology contributes to many areas of landscape preservation:

• Mr. Nikolay Kutinchev, Head of the IT Department in Ruse Municipality, who presented the new and innovative GIS portal service and the currently available services for citizens. Mr. Kutinchev informed that soon there is active work on the implementation of numerous data from the presence of waste containers and their location, to pollutants and even abandoned cars within the municipality.IS image

• Mr. Georgi Vladov, from Esri Bulgaria, who talked about the countless possibilities of using ArcGIS and the educational initiatives available for Bulgarian schools and universities. Mr. Vladov expressed his readiness to support the schools in Ruse to use the available (and free) Esri products, as well as their inclusion in the national competition “We study the world with GIS“, supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria.

• Prof. Georgi Hristov, from “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse, who demonstrated how thanks to modern technologies such as drones, digital twins and photogrammetry, existing objects of culture can be preserved, including objects and places are yet to be discovered during infrastructural changes and planning.Ruse workshop image

• Mrs. Reni Petrova, chief expert at the Regional Environmental and Water Inspection -Ruse, who showed the sites of Natura2000 in the Ruse region requiring attention, as well as some of the educational initiatives in which students and teachers can be involved. Mrs. Petrova informed the participants that soon we can expect to have a specialised unit that will deal only with issues related to the directive and future educational programs in this regard.

The event was attended by 25 participants, who rated it of high interest and quality, while recognising the wider application of GIS technologies and the importance of landscape preservation.