About – Target Groups

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The main target group of GEOLAND will be both the HE education students and professors that study in Geography, Geology, Forestry, Environmental Science departments across Europe. However, students of political and economic studies may have a particular interest in the project. It is inevitable for the project to be carried out transnationally across Europe. From the one side this will assist students and professors to assess, compare and evaluate the different methodologies that each country uses in the implementation of ELC. The transnational approach will help students and professors to comprehend the problems that arise from heterogeneous application of ELC and suggest solutions to these problems. Furthermore, the protection of nature does not stop at country borders so it is inevitable that it has to be transnational. In this context, the role of Geoinformatic technologies will be highlighted focusing on their ability to offer objective quantitative geospatial results. After the end of the project the whole course is planned to be used not only by academic society but also by governmental and Local Authorities, Non-Governmental Organizations. (NGOs) and policy stakeholders.