There are five outputs planned from the GEOLAND Project

Output 1 (O1): Educational Handbook for monitoring European Landscape

The goal of O1 is to develop an educational Handbook for presenting a homogeneous methodology for educating Higher Education students in studying European Landscape with means of Geoinformatics and citizen science methodology. Download the handbook in English, Dutch – more languages will follow shortly

Output 2 (O2): Training course – Web-based GIS platform

O2 focuses on the development and operation of a Web based GIS platform that will be used by Higher Education students and Professors in order to apply Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) for assessing Landscape quality in Natura 2000 zones.

Output3 (O3): Policy outreach

The European Landscape Convention aims to encourage citizens and public authorities to implement policies and measures at local, regional, national and international level for protecting, managing and planning landscapes throughout Europe. In this frame, GEOLAND aims to provide a unique opportunity to Higher Education students to study how European Landscape Convention (ELC) is implemented and adopted in different EU countries.

Output 4 (O4): Online gallery of students work

O4 is about developing an online gallery of students’ work. The virtual gallery will act primarily as an educational tool for promoting the training of Higher Education students in applying ELC and managing effectively the European Landscape, as well as a dissemination tool. It is noted that this online gallery will complement efforts in geo-sciences, with a specific objective on forming students competent in decision-making for landscape management, planning and protection of NATURA 2000 sites.

Output 5 (O5): Monitoring digital educational readiness of Higher Education Institutes

The objective of Output 5 is to develop the Digital Readiness Tool, DERT, for the assessment of the digital readiness of the Higher Education students and courses. The development will be based on the previous outcomes and mainly on the GEOLAND course and will be complementary to this.